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What is an MRR?

Master Resell Rights! An MRR is a Package of Digital Products that can be sold online for 100% Profits. This means, you can purchase the rights to resell this program, and you can keep 100% Profits!

2 Sales = $994

7 Sales = $3,497

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25 Sales = $12,425

... and in THIS MRR, we're going to teach you how to market, sell, advertise, and even build your own courses and memberships to create impact and income on top of your MRR sales!

Who is Tyler Frick?

Tyler, your new teacher, coach, and ministry activator is an experienced apostle and teacher who has dedicated his life to equipping leaders and entrepreneurs with the wisdom and skills needed to fulfill their God-given potential. He has taught thousands about the five-fold ministry and personally functions as both an apostle and teacher. Tyler’s mission is to inspire and guide individuals through deep and purposed spiritual and personal growth, enabling them to achieve success in both ministry and business.

Why These Courses Were Created

Tyler has witnessed the power of creating impact in the lives of thousands of believers around the world through online courses, memberships, and systems. The courses you are about to access are designed to offer comprehensive training that covers both business savvy and spiritual growth. Whether the goal is to start an online business, develop leadership skills, or gain and even deeper understanding of your divine calling, these courses are exactly what you've been looking for! The courses, along with LIVE coaching from Tyler and his team of Five Fold Leaders at The King's Company will provide you with step by step training.

Tyler is going to help YOU launch your own Courses, Memberships, and MORE!! (Yes, even while you sell this package for 100% profits with Master Resell Rights!)

Tyler has launched over 60 courses, over 45 LIVE Events, Online Schools for Ministry and Business, and has personally equipped over 20,000 Students + in just 6 Years ONLINE!!

Are you ready to be personally coached by Tyler Frick to create impact online through BOTH Kingdom Business and Ministry as you learn how to launch your own courses and memberships too?

Maybe you ARE ready... but the real question might be... why THIS MRR? Why should you partner with The King's Company?

The King's Company is a global family of Five Fold Leaders who have been equipping Kingdom Minded believers online for the last 6 years. Our heart has always been to break the pains of religion off of people lives while helping them fall in love with Jesus. Along with building daily relationship with God, we've helped thousands of believers step into ministry, coaching, and leadership, moving in the POWER of the Holy Spirit! Our courses exists to not only equip the believer for ministry, but also for impact and influence.

We believe God is raising up shepherds for a mighty harvest!

What will you learn in the course?

Well... You'll learn a LOT Actually!

Business Mastery Courses

  • Event Creator's Masterclass

    • Setting up: Get Access to Tyler's Custom GPT!

    • Getting Started: Answering 5 Questions, Generating First Set of Bios & Avatars

    • Refining Your Bios & Avatars

    • Creating Your 5-Session Course Outline

    • Developing Teaching Baselines for All 5 Sessions

    AI Training for Tulsa Business Owners

    • Introduction to ChatGPT & Conversational AI

    • ChatGPT Voice + Creating AI Images

    • Custom Tools for AI and Automated Action on Facebook

    • Advanced AI SmartForms and Automations

    30 Day "Raise Your Voice" Challenge

    • Introduction to TKC Marketing Systems

    • Connecting Facebook, Stripe, and Google

    • Creating Effective Workflows

    • Advertising with ChatGPT & Facebook Ads Targeting

    • Client CRM and Lead Generation

    Teach Your Business To Rejoice!

    • Enhance Communication Strategies

    • Build a Resilient and Impactful Brand

    • Develop Strategies for Continuous Growth

    Reel em in, son! Custom GPT for Reels Scripts

    • Create Viral Reels and Short Scripts with Custom GPT

Ministry and Leadership Courses

  • Online Ministry Impact - "Market His Message"

    • Creating Impact with Anointed Christian Online Courses and Community

    • Generating Traffic with Effective Advertising

    • Power of Funnels for Marketing Your Course/Mentorship

    • Automating Your Ability to Increase

    • Community Impact and Cashflow

    Mind Traffic

    • Understanding Spiritual Influences

    • Cultivating the Power of a Sound Mind

    • Balancing Spirit, Soul, and Body

    Dethroning Stress

    • Stress Identification & Measurement

    • Cognitive Restructuring

    • Maintaining a Sound Mind

    Claiming God, Killing Jesus

    • Exploring Worship, Study, and Voice

    • Discovering Personal and Corporate Grace

    • Addressing Generational Hooks and Identity Issues

    Spiritual Gifts Identifier & Activations

    • Discover and Activate Spiritual Gifts

    • Engage in the Five Fold Ministries

    • Utilize Manifestational Gifts of the Holy Spirit

    Flowing in the Prophetic

    • Rooted Revelation and Prophetic Streams

    • Navigating Prophetic Streams and Warfare

    • Practical Prophetic Workshops

    Unmasking Deliverance

    • Prepare for Deliverance Ministry

    • Understand Principles of Desperation and Dilemma

    • Effective Healing and Commissioning

Plus, LIVE Group Coaching & Ministry with Five Fold Leaders! 👇💜

With Five Fold Female Leaders from TKC!

Are you ready to embrace the deeper things of life with ladies who can EMPOWER YOU to walk in the fullness of your calling while you gain new skills, implement new strategies, and build with God?

With Five Fold Male Leaders from TKC!

We're called to rise up and lead. To walk in power, might, and the fear of the Lord. It's time for the Men of God to walk in the 7 Spirits of God!

QUESTION: Why is it important to get God's Word to more people in 2024?


  • Invest in Your Future: Take proactive steps towards achieving your dreams and goals.

  • Work from Anywhere: Learn to build a business that allows for freedom and flexibility.

  • Grow Spiritually and Professionally: Integrate faith with business practices for holistic growth.

  • End the 9-5 Grind: Create a sustainable income stream aligned with purpose and passion.

  • Empower Your Family: Spend more time with loved ones while building a legacy.

Spreading the Word of God with Technology

Getting the Word of God to more people is extremely important. So many people are looking for hope and guidance, and sharing Christ’s teachings can really make a difference. Using online technology and social media is a fantastic way to do this. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube let us reach people all over the world instantly, breaking down barriers and connecting with folks who might never hear the Gospel otherwise. With tools like MoveMaker, GoHighLevel, online courses, group mentorships, and monthly memberships, we can create and share impactful content, start meaningful conversations, and build thriving online communities that support and encourage both believers and seekers. By using these tech tools, we can spread God’s Word quickly and effectively.

Impact on Family Life

Making a full-time income through online ministry and business can really change your family life. Working from home means you can be there for your loved ones, balancing work without missing out on family time. You can be at important events, help with homework, and enjoy the everyday moments that matter most. Financial stability from a successful online business also means less stress, so you can provide better for your family and plan for the future with confidence. Using tools like MoveMaker and GoHighLevel, along with creating online courses, group mentorships, and monthly memberships, helps you automate and streamline your business. This means more efficiency and more time to spend with your family. Plus, involving your family in your work teaches them about entrepreneurship, stewardship, and the importance of following your calling. By blending faith and work, you help your family grow spiritually and create a loving environment where everyone can thrive together.

The Call to Teach and Coach Online:

Stirring Revival Nationwide

In recent years, there has been a noticeable trend among believers in America: a growing number are feeling a strong call from God to start teaching and coaching online. This isn’t just a fleeting thought; it's a deep-seated conviction that they have something valuable to share with the world. As more Christians respond to this call, leveraging online mentorships and memberships, we stand on the brink of a potential nationwide revival.

The Divine Call to Teach and Mentor

Many believers are experiencing a renewed sense of purpose, feeling compelled to share their wisdom, teachings, and experiences through online platforms. They recognize that the digital age offers unprecedented opportunities to reach a global audience, breaking down geographical barriers and connecting with individuals seeking guidance and spiritual growth.

This calling is not limited to pastors or traditional ministry leaders. Everyday Christians—business professionals, educators, parents, and young adults—are realizing they have unique insights and life experiences that can bless others. They are stepping into roles as online mentors, coaches, and teachers, creating courses and programs that address a wide range of topics from biblical studies and spiritual growth to practical life skills and professional development.

Leveraging Technology for Kingdom Impact

The beauty of this movement lies in the power of technology. Platforms like Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube provide accessible and affordable ways to share content and engage with audiences. Additionally, tools like MoveMaker and GoHighLevel streamline the process, making it easier to create, manage, and market online courses, mentorship programs, and membership communities.

By using these tools, believers can create impactful content that resonates with their audience. They can offer group mentorship sessions, develop comprehensive online courses, and build supportive membership communities where people can grow together. These platforms not only facilitate teaching and coaching but also foster meaningful connections and a sense of community among participants.

The Potential for Nationwide Revival

As more Christians step into these roles, the cumulative effect could be nothing short of a revival. Imagine thousands of believers across the nation creating online spaces where people are discipled, encouraged, and equipped. These online mentorships and memberships can become hubs of spiritual growth and transformation, reaching people who might never set foot in a traditional church.

The ripple effect of this movement can be profound. Each mentor and coach has the potential to impact countless lives, who in turn can influence their own circles. This multiplication effect can lead to a widespread spiritual awakening, as more individuals encounter the transformative power of the Gospel and are empowered to live out their faith.

A Call to Action

If you’re feeling that nudge from God to start teaching and coaching online, now is the time to act. Your unique voice and experiences are needed. The tools and platforms are available, and the world is waiting to hear your message.

By stepping out in faith and embracing this call, you can play a part in stirring a nationwide revival. You can help create a wave of spiritual growth and transformation that reaches every corner of the country. It’s not just about creating content; it’s about changing lives and advancing the Kingdom of God.

So, let’s rise to the occasion. Let’s use the gifts and opportunities God has given us to teach, mentor, and coach online. Together, we can make a lasting impact and witness the revival we’ve been praying for.

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